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"I had the pleasure of being one of Stephanie's 2019 seniors. She has a natural ability to make anybody feel relaxed in front of the camera, and she made my session one of the best memories of my senior year. The lighting in her photos is extraordinary, and she finds a way to represent the individual personality of each of her seniors in her images. Stephanie delivered beautiful, consistent photographs, and we will use her for years to come!"

Hope 2-62.jpg

I love love LOVE Mrs. Stephanie! She made sure my pictures were exactly what I wanted & even took the time to drive 2+ hours to go to a spot I liked! I feel really awkward having pictures taken of me because I don’t know what to do or if my hair looks ok, but Mrs. Stephanie knew exactly what to do! She gave me fun poses & fixed my hair about a million times! I couldn’t have asked for better pictures, amazing photographer & even more amazing person!


“Having my senior pictures taken by Stephanie was so much fun
She made the process 

even with my mom there. I will sure never forget while taking the 
smoke bomb pictures having people run up to the dugout thinking something was on fire.”


“I am in LOVE with my images, showing my personality and with the perfect editing. During the session I felt connected with you as you took my photos, and trusted you in what you were doing!! These images were beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for better!”


"My experience with Stephanie was very different than most shoots I've done. She makes the whole shoot feel fun & comfortable. She is down to try anything to get a good shot and that she does!"


“You were so positive during the session and had many good ideas for the pictures. The pictures turned out amazing 
and I’m so glad I got them done by you!” 

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